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JacVapour Discount Code

Best JacVapour Discount Code


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JacVapour is a Scotland-based distributor of electronic cigarettes and also accessories with aspirations associated with capturing its very own share of the UK e-cigarette marketplace. Founded by an ex-tobacco cigarette smoker, the company’s products comes with a great deal of choices for users including e-cig battery size, strength, coloring, cartomiser flavours, e-liquids, along with the choice between automatic and manual electric batteries.

Disposable e-cigarette apparatuses can also be found from JacVapour and also come packaged as a starter kit. Current cartomiser types offered by JacVapour include: cappuccino, cherry, menthol, great, tobacco, tobacco cigarette reds, tobacco virgin mobile, vanilla. For people looking to make use of their favorite e-liquids, JacVapour also has empty cartomisers, blank tanks and re-buildable tanks. 4 pure nicotine content levels are available which range from 6mg to 24mg. JacVapours vast list of options extends to their particular lines associated with e-cig batteries, which range from 48mm to a rather long 96mm battery.

It must come as no surprise that battery lengths are proportional to their mAh ratings. JacVapour at the moment offers customers a total of 12 electronic cigarette starter kits ranging in cost from less than £4.99 for the disposable version to £53.99 for their quality variable voltage manual starter. The JacVapour V1P PCC starter kit starts at £35.98 and contains an amount of accessories that will satisfy the majority of e-cig users. The V1P PCC starter kit contains: (1) V1P personal charge case, (1) USB PCC charge cable, (1) assortment of bungs, (1) choice of battery colour and length, (5) cartomisers flavours and (1) e-cigarette user manual. An additional battery, second USB adapter cable and USB to Mains adapter can also be found as add-on choices. Let’s move onto the aesthetics of the JacVapour V1P PCC starter kit.

The actual JAC Vapour V1P PCC starter kit comes encased in an unassuming medium sized white-coloured cardboard field. The brand name of the kit is plainly visible just like the contents and some crucial details. JacVapour gives their buyers the option to choose from a glossy black, graphite as well as glossy white personal charge case (PCC). We opted for the particular glossy piano black colour, which I found to be rather pleasurable in appearance however prone to finger marks smudging. Not too much of a big deal as there is a jacvapour discount code to alleviate the smudges.

The PCC has a convenient sliding component that reveals two 65mm 180mAh matte black batteries (your batteries will vary based on your order). A unique rotating screw-in charging vent can be found in the PCC that allows consumers to swing out the battery pack being charged in order to unfasten. The matte black battery packs have a comfortable rubber layer that makes them easy to grasp. An assortment of coloured bungs are included in the starter kit for convenience.

JacVapour is a supplier and retailer of e-cigarettes and accessories in the UK. Based out of Scotland, the company was founded by a former smoker with the intention of providing a quality-controlled e-cigarette alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Founded in 2010, the organization is relatively fresh in the e-cigarette market while offering customer support solely via email. JacVapour’s normal business hours are from 9am to 6pm during the week and their website mentions that the majority of inquiries will receive a response within 48 hours of delivery.

Intellicig Discount Code

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Intellicig is a company based in the UK, which is selling its electronic cigarette in more than 24 countries, all over the world. This company continues to expand and the main reason is its uniqueness. Special two and three-piece electronic cigarettes with refillable cartomisers are offered to company’s customers.

This motivated company has a goal to move forward and it’s currently offering four starter kits:

*Intellicig – current price of this kit is £29.95 and includes: 1 USB charger, 1 Intellicig battery, 1 vapour device and 5 refills. When compared to the other offers with similar price from other e-cigarette companies, it is easy to notice that this kit is much “cheaper” and it will last much longer since they’re refillable.


*Starter Plus


The Starter Bundle offered by Intellicig is packed into a white box, which contains two white “wallets”. A trifold wallet contains an empty vapour device, Intellicig battery, some more information about products and USB charger.

All customers are given the opportunity to pick one of three colours for their battery – white, silver or black. Complete systems of e-cigarettes have great appearance suitable for anyone and great features include one silver ring located at the battery, the Intellicig logo printed on the battery and of course, the refill function.

Five refill capsules, which are made in the UK, are the ECO pure and located in bi-fold wallet. They can be accessed from exterior.

The Intellicig starter kit is definitely just a sample of the best Intellicig products since it does not contain portable charge case, multiple batteries or a mains adapter, which are typical for all the costly electronic cigarette kits.

There is even more customization available when you order the Intellicig starter kit. You can choose between three flavours and four nicotine strengths. Nicotine strengths can be 0mg, 5mg, 10mg or 15mg. All of the flavours are made in the UK and you have the option to choose between rich, menthol and regular flavour. Even though this kit costs little, taste is not of low quality. Customers also have the choice to buy extra 25 refills for just £15.05, which would cost £19 if purchased separately.

Gamucci Discount Code

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Gamucci provides a total of five nicotine concentrations and eight flavours for their cartomisers. The flavours that currently being offered by the company include: menthol, cherry, original tobacco, apple, coffee, vanilla, cola, and grape. Buyers who are interested in trying out the flavours that are less conventional should note that these flavours are only offered with a nicotine concentration of 1.6%. The menthol flavour is provided in either a 1.6% or a 2.2% nicotine concentration while original tobacco flavour is provided in all the five nicotine concentrations.

People purchasing the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter will discover that aside from the gamucci discount code that works with it, the kit doesn’t provide options from which they can choose from, but they instead provide 4 original tobacco cartomisers that each have 16 mg of nicotine.

The company’s batteries are conveniently pre-charged and as a result users may start to vape right after they receive their box. An adequate amount of vapour was produced by a simple drag and an orange light was produced at the end of the battery that confirmed that the atomiser was being used during the drag. The company claims that each of its cartomisers,are equivalent to two tobacco cigarette packs or approximately 375 puffs. However, I was able to get approximately 200 puffs from one cartomiser, this usually varies depending on an individual’s habits. I found the original tobacco flavour pleasant and it was similar to the flavour of tobacco cigarettes.

The Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit was delivered packed conveniently with a EU plug adapter, UK mains adapter, and USB charge adapter. The two rechargeable batteries that are included have a 240 mAh rating which is a large increase from their previous 180mAh models. The claim by Gamucci that each cartomiser is able to give approximately 375 puffs is fairly accurate.

Gamucci is based in London and is a worldwide distributor of electronic cigars and cigarettes. The company was launched in 2007, and since then it has experienced tremendous growth and is currently selling its products in over fifty-five countries worldwide. The customer support staff of Gamucci can be reached via email or over the phone.

VAPESTICK Discount Code

Best VAPESTICK Discount Code


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It is just implausible how the world of electronic cigarette smoking gives the pleasures and the feelings of smoking without cases of tar accumulating in the lungs.Anywhere,anyhow and anytime a smoker can comfortably relax and enjoy over 100 puffs from the new Vapestick, which is the most outstanding e-cig on the market. Unlike the traditional cigarette, this is a well-modified brand with no toxic smoke but vapour only.The carcinogens or tobacco that are the major causes of cancer have been eliminated in it.

Its standard and effective starter kits are made of the atomiser, battery and cartridges.When inhaling at the end of the cigarette, the battery activates the atomiser, which heats the flavour in the cartridge to turn into water vapour and then absorbed in the lungs. The Vapestick starter kit can be ordered with a variety of flavours in it like the menthol and the single apple among others. One is not limited to these flavours but can order the ones they love most.The cartridges are refillable thus prevents wasting money on purchasing more when they run out of their favourite flavour. The liquid in the cartridges contain nicotine and one can adjust its strength to that which is satisfactory enough.Nicotine just gives the natural feelings that one enjoys while smoking the traditional cigarette.The difference is that tar is not produced in the e-cig.

The batteries come in pairs upon placing an order of this classic starter kit. This ensures that the smoker is not denied any pleasureswhen one battery runs low. They are however rechargeable.While traveling with no place to plug in the charger, the portable charging case is the best alternative to use.The batteries are durable enough and can last up to seven hours thus giving the smoker humble time to enjoy smoking without any battery failures.

Purchasing of the Vapestick is easily done online through placement of an order. Apart from the Vapestick discount code above  given for saving purposes, there are other benefits like the fast delivery after ordering.There is a highly dedicated team of experts who are always ready around the clock to give e-cig users all the relevant info concerning their new e-cigarette. They educate consumers on the best way to use and maintain their Vapestick e-cig. Great discounts are given to those who purchase in bulk. Shipping charges are also waived for them.However, the price for the starter kit is very much affordable by all classes of e-cig users.

This e-cig is the best replacement for traditional smokers who want to quit that old fashioned way of tobacco smoking.Users will saving money as well as prevent themselves from developing cancer and lung problems associated with the tar build-up due to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.Though at the beginning it might be a bit hard to adopt, it often takes only a week to adjust fully to the new electronic cigarette smoking.There are no known health problems related to e-cig smoking, which is much better than the tobacco alternative.

SkyCig Discount Code

Best SkyCig Discount Code


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SkyCig is one of the largest distributors of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom and Europe. The company has considerably expanded in recent years. It aims at providing smokers with the freedom to smoke by offering electronic cigarettes kits and products. Currently, they push a single electronic cigarette kit named the “SkyCig freedom” which provides some improvements to the original electronic cigarette line; such as smaller charging pack dimensions, longer lasting charges and an overall more advanced vaping experience. In this review we’ll dig deeper into what is included and how SkyCig manages to be on top of all e-cigarettes competitors.


The Starter kit will come packed in a neat black box with a magnetic latch mechanism. The first thing to notice is the user guide, that is organized allowing even those vaping e-cigarettes for the first time to assemble the cigarette with ease. It also has a 15% promo code that is used when refilling cartomiser stock in future. The wall adapter and the USB look rather generic and only time will tell how they will hold up.

The charging case is black, plain and durable. The portable charge case can charge one battery while holding five cartomisers and an assembled electronic cigarette. To assemble, you simply screw the battery onto the cartomiser that contains the vapouriser. A visible golden ring is at the junction of the two pieces and it appears like a normal cigarette except with one blue end. The fully assembled electronic cigarette is 96 mm long and has a SkyCig logo printed at the end of the battery.

Flavour and Vaping

The SkyCig starter kit that works with the skycig discount code above has five different flavours, which include: tobacco gold, crown cherry, classic tobacco, crown menthol and crown tobacco. With increasing amounts of nicotine, each flavour has three strengths available: Bold (18 mg), Regular (12 mg) and Light (6 mg). Following the joining of the battery and the cartomiser, the seal is removed from the end of inhalation. The seal indicates which flavour you are about to vape. Vaping is as easy as taking a drag on normal cigarettes with a blue LED light illuminating during the entire usage.

The classic tobacco’s flavour was similar to a standard cigarette but like all electronic cigarettes, it lacks the drag and aftertaste. Menthol flavoured e-cigs are good especially the cherry flavour. It’s pleasant and surprising that cherry tastes good when vaped in an electronic cigarette.

Technical features and Battery

The freedom carrying case takes about three and a half hours to fully charge with its adapter. It took me roughly one and a half hours to charge one battery because it only charges one battery at a time. The batteries lasted for about one hour, which is mediocre but a good improvement from the shorter original batteries.

All USB charge cables, rechargeable cases, USB stick chargers and wall adapters have an applicable twelve months of warranty. With authority from SkyCig, all these items can be repaired or replaced a maximum of one time. Cartridges have no warranty because they are consumable, but batteries have a thirty-day warranty.

E-Lites Discount Code

Best E-Lites Discount Code


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If you want to find a premium brand of e-cigarettes to help you quit tobacco cigs, you may prefer one that is sleek and great looking as well. These reasons make the E-Lites brand one of the most appealing for many smokers out there. You may just be impressed by the overall experience you get when you use these e-cigarettes as well. They have been custom-designed to appeal to high end users who demand the best from their e- cigarettes. It may cost a bit more, but is certainly worth it if you genuinely want to get the best experience possible. Make sure that you have read up on all the details that you need to see when you buy E-Lites.

The first thing you will notice is that everything about this product simply looks great. The packaging is well designed, carrying a very stylish appearance to it. When you open up each carton, you’ll notice that the e-cigarettes are placed in a row and easily accessed by the user. Think about whether you would like to use an e-cigarette that places a fair degree of emphasis on how well they are designed. Everything inside each E-Lites package will be neatly arranged, meaning that you can make sure that all the components arrived safely within the container.

Each of these units will give you 5 individual cartridges that can be plugged in to the battery pack. This will allow for easy assembly of your vaporizer unit, which can help you get started quickly. You won’t need to fumble around trying to find multiple different components to get them to work. You also won’t need to worry about whether your e-cigarette will work when you open the package. Many people have found that they can get a good bit of usage out of each cartridge that they receive. This makes the E-Lites brand a relatively good bargain, although you won’t be able to refill the cartridges that you get.

Strongly consider purchasing from E-Lites using the e-lites discount code provided, if you need an e-cigarette with a strong enough battery life to get your through your workday. Some people have complained about other brands, since they run out of battery power halfway through their day. Each battery pack from E-Lites offers an excellent charge and will only take around 90 minutes to fully recharge them. This means that you can quickly regenerate the power within a battery pack. You may be impressed by the smooth draw that you can get when the batteries of the E-Lites models are fully charged. This is one reason why they have cultivated such a committed following thus far.

All in all, you can expect nothing but high quality from E-Lites E-cigarettes. Quite a few people will be interested in seeing if they can get the service that they need from another brand out there. They are one of the most popular brands in the UK period. Their commitment to product development is obvious when you vape their e-cigarette for the first time.